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Have you ever thought that Backgammon is actually pretty similar to a fight or struggle? We have. After all, in each game, there are opponents facing each other. Opponents “armed” with their skills. Opponents who fight for each point, each gammon. Opponents trying to win this "battle” with their tactical maneuvers. Trying to be better. To be the best. But even the best laid strategies have a certain element of luck and in a struggle, as well as in Backgammon, you also often need to take risks. And just as every fight is won by better strategy and better equipment, backgammon is won by those who are "armed" with better gaming skills and tactics.

Therefore, show that You are the Best. Collect our loyalty coins, GScoins, in our VIP program and ascend in our ranking to the status of General.

Our VIP Statuses

We have 7 statuses. These start as Private and thereafter rise to higher VIP "ranks" Sergeant - Lieutenant - Captain - Major - Colonel and General.















How it works

VIP status is made up of time blocks, which the player fills. And according to the number completed, the player either stays in that status, moves to a higher level, or drops to a lower status.

Each VIP status consists of a specified number of blocks, all of which take a specific time to fill. The total number of blocks per status is given. In this time range, there are a number of blocks you need in order to obtain a higher status, or to keep the one you currently have. If neither of these circumstances occur, the player's status drops 1 level.

To fill a block, you have to collect GScoins. You always earn rewards for your play and get extra cashback for completing the blocks starting with Sergeant status as well as joining VIP freerolls.

Once again to make it absolutely clear:

As a new user, you start with Private status but apart from a certain percentage of the fee and the possibility to play €10 guaranteed daily freerolls, you have no other benefits at that time. However, there is only a little to do in order to enter the VIP club's door. Just collect 50 GScoins within 24 hours and we will welcome you among our VIPs. Starting with Sergeant status you will receive cashback for progressing to the next level and will also receive a higher percentage of the fee. (Of course, at lower statuses this will only consist of smaller amounts.) However, at the beginning it is initially simple to keep your status and you will quickly move on to the next level.

If you want a higher cashback, a larger percentage of the fee and to participate in exclusive guaranteed freerolls just for players of your status – earn your stripes!

Your current progress status and the time left in which to collect the necessary GSCoins (in order to keep your status, and/or to reach the next level), is shown in a clear visualisation in the CASHIER section of your application.

Play & collect the loyalty coins and celebrate with your benefits.

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VIP club overview

VIP status name Private Sergeant Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel General
Block duration 24 hrs. 72 hrs. 72 hrs. 168 hrs. 168 hrs. 336 hrs. 8760 hrs.
Coins per block ‡ 50 ‡ 720 ‡ 2 100 ‡ 9 450 ‡ 42 000 ‡ 294 000 ‡ 38 351 250
Cashback € 0 € 10 € 50 € 250 € 1 000 € 7 500 € 1 000 000 *
Percent to GScoins 5% 6% 7% 9% 12% 14% 14%
Blocks to keep 0 1 2 3 5 5 1
Blocks to progress 1 2 3 5 8 8 999
Blocks in total 1 8 8 8 13 13 1
VIP freeroll

* Plus valuable prizes: Patek Philippe watches, Porsche car, Geoffrey Parker board

How to read the table:

Each new player starts with "Private" status. If you wish benefits such as being able to participate in a VIP freeroll, a lower rake and higher cash back, all you have to do is earn 50 GScoins within 24 hours. You collect these via your real money play. Once you have done this, you progress to the first VIP status – Sergeant.

As Sergeant, you have 8 time blocks of 72 hours each. (Let's say 8 attempts to maintain status or move up a level). If you earn 720 GScoins within a single time block, maintaining the status of Sergeant is assured.

If you manage to complete 2 blocks this way, you rise immediately to the higher status of Lieutenant and have better benefits.

And so on... according to the table.

In the application, click on the arrow to enter your CASHIER – there you will always have a clear overview of the current status of your GS coins – and on the timeline you will be able to see how you are currently doing in order to keep/obtain your VIP status.

Our loyalty coins

GScoins are our loyalty coins. You collect these via your real money play.  

GScoins can be exchanged for valuable goods in our VIP shop. You can buy a high quality backgammon board made by Gammoner, or exchange them for a new electronic board design in your preferred colour and material combination and lastly, for a sticker to decorate your travel suitcase etc. 

More goods will be available very soon!

Or you can simply exchange your GScoins for cash. For this, you only need to go to the REWARDS category in our VIP shop.

How does it work with GScoins?

GScoins are loyalty points for playing in real money. No matter if you win or lose, you still earn GScoins.

The percentage of the fee which is converted to GScoins varies between 5% and 14%, depending on the player's VIP status.

The base fee is 10%. In money games, the base fee is divided by 2 first and then the percentage is applied.

For example, if the total fee for a money game is 1€, it is divided by 2. Players "contributed" 50c each to the fee, because both of them risked money, winner and loser. Then, the GScoins calculation takes place.

In matches/tournaments, the fee is collected prior to the start.

1 GScoin has a value of 1 cent.

So if the fee is 1 € (for example) and the percentage is 5%, then the user receives 5 GScoins.