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Tournament types


Tournaments for given number of players, started only after all the spots are full. There are also qualifications.

Daily Tournament

The tournament is once a day with a guaranteed prize pool.

Freeroll Tournament

There is no buy-in and the prize pool is guaranteed. Accessible for all VIP levels.

VIP Freeroll Tournament

The end-of-month tournament for each VIP status separately, with guaranteed prize pool.

Qualification Tournament

Ability to qualify for higher prize pools, online tournaments or live events with low buy-ins.

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Bonus code

Bonus code


For your first deposit only, up to € 600, you can get a bonus of up to 100%!

Simply enter the bonus code 1STDEP. It has a 90-day validity and the bonus can only be claimed in real money mode.

The bonus cannot be cashed out but must be used to play.

How does it work? Simply, there is no rake for the duration of the bonus. The system will give the entire actual rake back to the player.

The player can see this in their cashier. It does not work like this with play money as there is no VIP system in play money mode.

The rake is divided into 4 parts. 1 part is cash back, 1 part is received by the player in GS coins, 1 part goes to the VIP freeroll and 1 part is the actual rake.

The rake is 8% to 2% depending on the players' VIP status.

How to make the first deposit and how to apply the bonus code?

Before making the first deposit, you need to have verified your "Personal info".

You can manage it in your account here on our GammonSpace website after login. It is also accessible through the app/Cashier (My Profile).

After submitting your personal information, the data will need to be verified manually by the GammonSpace team. This may take up to 24 hours (on working days).

This process will only need to be done once before the first deposit. You will receive an email notification of successful verification.

Once your data has been verified you will be able to make a deposit. If you are depositing for the first time, be sure to use the code 1STDEP.

The bonus code can only be used once and for the first deposit only.




Qualification is a Sit & Go or a tournament.

It gives you an ability to qualify for higher prize pools online tournaments or live events with low buy-ins.

An overview of the qualifications for a tournament can always be found in the lobby (detail) of that tournament.

If there is no GTD (guaranteed) seat/ticket, this seat will be created only after a certain number of players have been registered.

Qualification allows a player to play an interesting tournament cheaper.

Important warning - It is not possible to unregister a Live Tournament.

Live tournaments

Live tournaments


Live Tournament is a tournament organized by our partner. You can qualify on GammonSpace and will be registered automatically.

Of course, it is up to you whether you turn up at the tournament or not. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to unsubscribe from the live tournament and it is also not possible to claim any compensation in the case of non-participation.

Live events

THE BIG ONE tournament

THE BIG ONE tournament


Every Sunday you can join our 1 MILLION PLAY MONEY GUARANTEED 'THE BIG ONE' tournaments.

You can buy-in or qualify. 

Daily scheduled qualifications can be easily found in the GammonSpace lobby. Just click on the tab Tournaments/Qualifications! 

THE BIG SUNDAY tournament

THE BIG SUNDAY tournament


Every Sunday you can join our €500 GTD (guaranteed) BIG SUNDAY tournaments.
You can buy-in for €55 or qualify for just €5.50!
There are two tournaments scheduled and they can be easily found in the GammonSpace lobby. Just click on the Tournaments / Specials tab.

These qualifications are not guaranteed. It means 11 players must meet in this case now for the winner to enter the Big Sunday. If there are not enough players, there is money to win. 

You can track this in the lobby of the qualification with which you want to register.
As the number of players grows, the prize pool grows. When enough players are registered, the Big Sunday ticket appears as a prize pool, and the money increases again...

HIGH ROLLER tournament

HIGH ROLLER tournament


A regular HIGH ROLLER tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 750K PLAY MONEY!

Buy in and be a high roller! 

To find the guaranteed HIGH ROLLER and register for the next tournament, just open the GammonSpace App and click on the tab Tournaments/Regular