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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? In case of issues we are ready to help you! We have compiled this comprehensive set of FAQs to resolve almost any issue that you might encounter here.

These are the most common support requests that we receive. Just type a keyword relating to your issue into the box below, and we will return the most relevant FAQs. Then click on these questions below to display the relevant answers to your query.

In order to recover your forgotten password, please follow these steps. Click on “Lost password” button below the log in form…. Enter your username and email address you reregistered with…. Submit. By clicking a link sent to your email.

GScoins are our loyalty coins. It is your reward for playing in real money mode on GammonSpace. All items in our VIP shop can only be exchanged for these GScoins or play money. You can also use earned GScoins to exchange them for real money. For more information you can check the VIP club here.

First: by having a strong (at least 8 characters alphanumeric) password. Second: by not telling anyone that password and not saving it on a public computer, and third: for all withdrawals or changes in your account user data, these will need to be confirmed by an SMS-code, so do not lose your phone. This SMS Verification is default and it cannot be switched off.

If you go to Cashier/MY ACCOUNT, there are My Games and my Matches. It is possible to download a single game/match as well as process a bulk download of selected games/matches. 

For higher VIP statuses, this will be automized (auto download). 

All your registrations are visible in tournaments lobby inside your Application. Look at the cube/s on the outside left of the board. The only exception are live events. In their case, your registration is only seen in the overview in the tournament lobby.

You can download the iPhone App in App Store, the Android App in Google Play store and the Android real-money App from here.

There are strict verification rules, and unfortunately this is not allowed. You can change your nickname inside of your User-Area.

Basically no, each player has only one account. Also, one person can only have one set of ID documents. Opening a new account will be considered cheating.

This is serious and there is always a reason. Servers are set up in a way that automatically blocks all kinds of suspicious or fraud-like behaviour. Contact our Customer Service via Live Chat in the App, if you think that your blocking was incorrect.

It is possible that your emails are being filtered in the spam folders or there was a technical issue. Please check the spam first and then try adding the domain our emails are coming from to your address book or contact list.

If you want to close your account, please contact our Support via Live chat, available after Log In.

Payout request can be cancelled, but only if it is very recent (3 days max). Afterwards, the process will pay your money to you automatically.

Inside your User-Area, or in the Cashier.

The minimum amount is an equivalent of €10, the maximum is according to money-laundering restrictions, €600 in 24 hours, €2000 in a week and €5000 in 30 days.

Probably your connection is poor. Each player is responsible for their own connection. We only can guarantee high stability of our servers. If a play is disconnected, you can continue (within the time bank) after the connection is recovered.

We use several sources of entropy to ensure fairness.

As per standard norms. No offensive behaviour, no manipulation, no vulgar expressions. Such behaviour can lead to the freezing of your account. You can check our Terms and Conditions for more information.

You cannot unregister. Please check before you start to qualify, if it is a live or an online event.

If you win a ticket to a tournament where you are already registered, you will receive the value of that tournament instead.

Because they are yours, they have an identical photo of you on them and they have a correct validity date. We have the possibility how to check if your documents are valid. If your documents are valid in your country and you are using them, you are safe; of course this will be acceptable.

To change your country just Log In, go to My Account and change the country in Personal Info. We will request you upload a personal document to verify the change.

There isn’t. Please contact our Support via Online chat and we will contact you via phone, if we decide it is necessary and helpful for a solution.

Driver's licence, Government ID, Passport.

Phone bill, mobile phone bill, electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, credit card statement.

Play money can be converted in the VIP shop as the only item which can be paid for with real money directly. If your play money balance drops below 200, we will refill your wallet with up to 1000 play money (maximum once every 24 hours).

Terms of Service can be downloaded here.

Look at the cube/s on the outside left of the board. When the moving coloured line is GREEN, it is time for your turn. N.B. White/Grey = It is time for your game/match. Red = 30 seconds or less to end of game/match.

First, make sure you click between the lines in order to fill in your relevant details. Then fill in your information and click on the button Register. Now check your email and click on the link we have sent you. Your mobile will now receive an SMS with a verification code. A new page will appear. Fill in the verification code there. You will now be registered. After this process is completed, you can Log In and enjoy your favourite game.

Press the red button (!) immediately you encounter a problem and make sure you fill in Subject and Heading. If you press the button after the game/match we will be unable to see the board as it was when problem occurred.

If you resign during the Game and do not have at least 1 checker at home, the backgammon is lost. You will also lose Backgammon if you resign during a Money Game with active Jacoby rule and the “off-centered” doubling cube (already used). Otherwise, when at least 1 checker is home OR in case of a Money Game with active Jacoby rule and the “centered” doubling cube (it has not been used yet), you will lose the single Game.

You can add a friend in the App, in the user's detail. For example, you can get there by searching for users in the lobby.

Go to settings, click on Music and then click the ON / OFF button. The buttons are only active for the selected item.

First, search for the mail. If it isn't in your inbox, check your folders. If a spam filter or email rule moved the email, it might be in the Spam, Junk or Trash folder.

If you didn't receive the verification email, follow these steps: 

Go to www.gammonspace.com, click on the LOGIN and fill in your username and password you have entered during your registration. 

Click on login. A system message with the option to initiate a verification email resend will be displayed: 

“Your email address is unverified. Please verify it by clicking on the verification link in the email that we sent you. If you want to resend the verification email click here.” 

Use this “click here” link. 

After confirming the verification email, try to log in again via the GammonSpace website. 

You will see another message with a link to verify your phone: 

“Your phone number is not verified. Please click here to repeat the verification process.” 

After clicking the link a verification SMS will be sent to your phone. Enter the code to complete the process.

If you are logged in to the Application, you can log out by pressing ESC on your keyboard. You can then choose between LOG OUT, CONTINUE and EXIT.

The standard game is 1.5 minutes (money game) and each additional point increases the time for the game by 15 sec (e.g.,3 point match has 90 sec + 30 sec). Time for move is 10 seconds for slow, 8 seconds for fast and 6 seconds for speed games.

If you seem to have a poorly visible board or checkers, first check the brightness of your display.

You can also choose a different board design. Go to Cashier (or My Account on GammonSpace.com), then to My Inventory. You will find 6 boards. They all have the same colour combinations but different materials and different particle effects. And if you prefer different colours you can purchase with your play money or GS coins your own choices from the VIP Shop.

All your registrations are visible inside your Application, coming from our server's main lobby.

Your games are saved. You can access the downloading of them by going to „CASHIER“ and then on the bottom left clicking „My Matches“ or "My Money Games". You'll see the list of matches/games you have played. They are saved as .txt files and you can download them (single or bulk).

After you have downloaded the app (having registered, verified your email and phone number) log in using your nickname and password. 

After logging in you will automatically be in the LOBBY, the homepage of the gammonspace application. Here you can switch between tournaments, sit & go's, matches and money games.

E.g. click on "moneygame", select a game you would like to play and click OPEN. Then wait for an opponent. Or you can select a game where someone is already  waiting for an oponent. If they will accept you as an opponent, the game will start automaticly.

Click on the cube at the top left. The cube (cubes) mean individual games/matches... so you can also switch between multiple games that you are playing simultaneously...

You should be able to get into the match by clicking this cube and then you can close it. 

The Mac version was released recently and is usable but Apple's notarization process can take several days. 

If you do not want to wait, it is still possible to install the application:

1. Right-click and select "Open". This may bring up the same dialog, but with the option to open the file anyway.

2. You can get this by removing the quarantine extended attribute on the file:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine / path / to / file

By clicking on the dice to switch the order.

To switch from play money (blue mode) to real money (red mode) just click on the smiley top right in the blue lobby. 

Switching from Playmoney to Real Money and vice versa is only possible from the main lobby and Cashier and not while waiting for a game or a tournament to start.

For security reasons and to avoid multiple accounts (among other things), we have a thorough process of verification of ID documents which can take up to 24 hours. 

This is a one-time process which ensures and underlines our concerns to protect all players against fraud and collusion.

GammonSpace is taking thorough measures to protect you against bots. 

For example, all matches are analyzed through ExtremeGammon at its highest setting and monitored by our system 24/7. 

We also have protection methods beyond analysis and monitoring which we don´t disclose for obvious reasons.

The fee is 10% of playmoney. For realmoney it is also 10% but the real rake depends on your VIP status (between 8% and 2%). 

Depending on the status, you can get cashback, GS coins, or freerolls. You can find more details here.

Please contact our support via live chat. It appears that the deposit request might have been interrupted before it finished (maybe the web browser was closed).

Your username must contain at least 4 characters. 

The password must contain a minimum  of 8 characters (at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number)

You must fill out all fields and check the checkbox 'I am of legal age' and 'I agree with the Terms and Conditions'.

You cannot register without checking this... You can also register on gammonspace website, if this is more convenient for you...

If your credit card issuer declined / refused the payment, you must contact the issuer directly or use another CC.

International purchases are often declined by CC companies as a means of fraud protection, and require special arrangement with them to approve the purchase.  

All you need to do is to temporarily disable the automatic backup on Google Account on your phone.

You will find it in Settings (Cloud and Accounts > Backup and restore; or (depending on your phone type): Settings > Google > Backup > turn off Back up on Google drive).

After you have disabled the automatic backup, re-install the GammonSpace app. 

Once you have done this, the app should start and run normally on your phone. 

Then you can enable the automatic backup again.  

Our VIP status system is described here. 

We have also prepared a simple table with instructions on how to read the table.

And how does it work?

1) Everyone starts as a Private.

2) You receive loyalty coins (GScoins) for your games, matches and tournaments (except freerolls) in real money mode. 

The more you play, the more coins you collect.

3) If you collect 50 GScoins within 24 hours, you advance to the first VIP status of Sergeant. 

4) In each status, the number of GScoins needed as well as the time period (time block) in which you need to manage to collect them are different. 

The number of attempts (blocks) to maintain your current status or gain a higher one also increases. 

There is not only an overview on our website, but also a clear timeline in the app, in your Cashier. You can see how you are doing, moment by moment.

5) As Sergeant you have 8 time blocks (attempts) to collect 720 GScoins in 72 hours. 

If you succeed, you have completed 1 block and the maintaining of your current status of Sergeant is secured.

6) To advance to the next level (Lieutenant) you have to complete 2 blocks this way. 

So, again,  you need to collect 720 GScoins and must do this in a single time block (72 hours).

7) If you advance to a higher level, your status will change immediately. 

For example, when you manage to complete the first 2 blocks in a row, you can be a Lieutenant in 6 days!

7) If you haven't advanced (you have not managed to complete 2 blocks) and once all 8 time blocks (8 x 72 hours, ie 24 days) have passed, 

it is then evaluated whether you will keep the Sergeant status (you have done 1 block / collected 720 GScoins once) or whether you will drop down to Private. 

GScoins are loyalty points for playing in real money. No matter if you win or lose, you still earn GScoins.

The percentage of the fee which is converted to GScoins varies between 5% and 14%, depending on the player's VIP status.

The base fee is 10%. In money games, the base fee is divided by 2 first and then the percentage is applied.

For example, if the total fee for a money game is 1€, it is divided by 2. Players "contributed" 50c each to the fee, because both of them risked money, winner and loser. Then, the GScoins calculation takes place.

In matches/tournaments, the fee is collected prior to the start.

1 GScoin has a value of 1 cent.

So if the fee is 1 € (for example) and the percentage is 5%, then the user receives 5 GScoins.

Did not find the answer to your question? Contact us. Live support is available after Log In, or you can leave us your message here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.