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Getting started playing on GammonSpace

It has never been easier to become an Online-Backgammon player! This is guaranteed by our free to use and user-friendly game software and simple download process. Download now and start playing on your computer, mobile or tablet. We are available on a wide range of platforms, so whether you are a PC, Mac or Android user, we are ready for you! (iOS version ready; in an approval process)

GammonSpace requires a one-time download of the app.

3 Easy Steps to Start Playing online Backgammon


1. Download & Install

First, click ‘Download’ button. GammonSpace_setup.exe file will now be downloaded to your desktop. This process may take a few minutes. If a security warning flashes up, select ‘Run’. Allow the app to make changes to your device.

Installation allows you to choose the destination folder and create game shortcuts.

During the installation process you must agree to GammonSpace ‘End User License Agreement’ to continue.

To launch GammonSpace, just double click on the desktop icon or navigate to our software through your PC’s Start menu once it has finished installing.

Create account

2. Create Your Account

Select ‘Create a new Account.’ Fill out the registration form, accept the option "I am of Legal age" and "I agree with terms and conditions" and submit the form by clicking on the “Registration” button.

If any of the forms filled in is red, it means it does not contain valid information and the Registration button will not be active.

After successful registration you will be redirected to the Login page prefilled with registered data.

To validate your new account, confirm the verification email you receive to the email address you submitted.

Start playing

3. Start Playing at GammonSpace!

Now you can log in and enjoy the game. You will confirm the license terms during the first startup.

You can find all games in the GammonSpace lobby. Use the tabs to select whatever game you want to play.

Your account is also accessible through the portal gammonspace.com.

The game can be ended by closing the window or by pressing Esc in full screen mode.

In case you need to uninstall the game, just follow these steps:

1. Programs and Features - Uninstall a program, find and select a shortcut GammonSpace.
2. Choose Uninstall.
3. The Uninstall wizard allows you to choose whether to keep the User settings and Saved games.
4. Confirm the options.
5. The game is uninstalled.

First deposit

Welcome to our GammonSpace Backgammon Family. You are entitled to receive a first deposit bonus up to 100%!

Deposit limits: €10 minimum, €600 max / day, €2000 max / week, €5000 max / month  

* Bonus only applies to first deposit. Bonus code is required. Valid for 90 days from the date of acquisition. To use only in real money mode (available from December 1st, 2019)

  • For €10 deposit, receive up to €10 bonus*
  • For €50 deposit, receive up to €50 bonus*
  • For €200 deposit, receive up to €200 bonus*
  • For €600 deposit, receive up to €600 bonus*

Required operating systems

On desktop:

  • Windows 7 SP1+Windows 7 SP1+

Clicking the download button will bring up the install dialogue that will guide you through the installation process. For all current issues, there is live help available from inside of the App.

Why choose gammonspace

Online Backgammon

Online Backgammon is our main site: gammonspace.com, which enables professional and amateur players to play by usage of either a desktop or mobile platform, with the other player participating from another geographic location.

Backgammon Free (playmoney)

You can join the games for free in playmoney mode, where the download, registration and starting amount of playmoney is given to you for free. There are many tournaments, playmoney games and events and a lot of fun!

Backgammon Games (Tournaments, Sit & Go tournaments, Matches and Money Games)

We provide almost all available types of backgammon games, Tournaments, Sit & Go tournaments, Matches, Money Games and connect players across the continents. See all games inside of the Lobby. Players can win tickets for live tournaments in Europe, the Americas and Asia.