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The purpose of this policy is to define conditions upon which you may conduct financial deposit into our Service and upon which you may withdraw funds from our Service.

Safe and Secure Deposition of Funds

For use of some of our Service, you may be required to deposit funds. Information on deposition of funds is included in the Service. Please note that any withdrawal of funds is governed by the rules below.

Any withdrawal or deposition of funds from the Service may be conditioned upon provision of utility bill issued to your name and address.

Safe and Secure Withdrawals

We have a total and unwavering commitment to the safety and security of User funds in the Service. User balances are kept in segregated accounts and not used for operational expenses. This ensures that your funds are always available for you to withdrawal in accordance with our banking and security procedures.

Withdrawal methods offered are dependent on your country of residence. Please see the Service to determine options available in your country.

Please note, we reserve the right to use additional eligibility criteria to determine the withdrawal options players may be offered at any given time.

Withdrawal Policy Details

Withdrawals are automatically credited back to any and all of the following methods that you have used to make deposits.

Withdrawals are first processed back to the method(s) used to deposit. Within each deposit method, withdrawals are then applied back to your oldest deposit first and your most recent deposit last. When applying withdrawals back to previous deposits, they are converted to the currency your previous deposits were processed in.

We apologize if our withdrawal policy is an inconvenience, but this is a security feature designed to protect our customers against fraud. It ensures that no one can profit from misuse of another's account.

You may withdraw any amount of funds provided such amount exceeds EUR 10 or equivalent in the currency you used.

Receiving Your Winnings

If your withdrawal exceeds the total amount you've deposited that we are able to redeem, or you've used a method of deposit which is no longer supported, you may have the following options to receive your funds depending on your country of residence, please find more information in the Service:Visa (only available if you have made at least one purchase with a CFT (Credit fund transfer) eligible Visa in the last 12 months and your withdrawal to Visa is from EUR 100 to EUR 6,500, (please check with your card issuer for individual limits). Withdrawals to Visa will be automatically converted by us from your account currency into the currency of the most recent CFT eligible Visa deposit.

Wire Transfer - your withdrawal is wired directly to your bank account.

How to Make a Withdrawal Request

To make a withdrawal request, login to the Service and select applicable menu.

The Service will display how your withdrawal will be processed depending on your country of withdrawal. This is only an estimation of how your funds will be disbursed. We cannot guarantee that your withdrawal will be processed exactly as described, as this estimation does not take into account any temporary connectivity problems with outside processors or any issues pertaining to accounts outside of our control.

Review the information on this screen carefully before you complete your withdrawal request. If you see that the card or account designated to receive your withdrawal has been cancelled or has expired, please cancel your withdrawal request and email Support available in the Service.

A 72-hour delay from your last deposit may be imposed on withdrawals with certain payment methods. This feature is designed to protect our players against collusion and fraud. You will be able to submit your withdrawal request once the 72 hours have elapsed.

Wire Transfer withdrawals will be sent for processing within 72 hours. Please allow 2-5 business days for funds to be credited to your designated bank account from completion of the processing.

An email notification from us will be sent to you confirming each transaction made within your account. Always refer to your confirmation email after you've made a withdrawal to confirm how your funds were processed.

In special cases, additional information may be required for a withdrawal to be processed. From time to time it may also be necessary to withhold player winnings until the completion of game play or fraud reviews, which are routinely carried out in order to ensure the integrity of our games.

Game play or fraud reviews

Upon your request for withdrawal and in the course of your use of the Service, your conduct when using the Service will be subject to routine due diligence for potential misconduct. We use ExtremeGammon software to analyze your use of the Service.

Any misconduct may result in termination of your account on foreclosure of your funds with no right to have the funds returned.

We will consult any analyzed, reported or identified misconduct with a panel of leading backgammon individuals in the area of your residence with at least one member from your country of residence, if available (“advisory misconduct panel”). The panel of such leading individuals has an advisory role in resolving issues related to User’s misconduct.

Details of our advisory misconduct panel will be published on our website.

How does the exchange rate conversion work?

We use the prevailing mid-market rate provided by XE (plus a small fee. if applicable) to convert your deposits to your account currency. The exchange rate you will receive will be displayed on the withdrawal screen when you select your preferred currency.

Other Conditions

The User agrees and acknowledges that:
We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that transfers in and out of your account are processed in a timely manner. We give no warranties regarding the amount of time needed to complete processing. We cannot be held responsible for delays in the banking networks, failures on part of the processor or actions of other parties involved in the processing of funds that may result in processing delays, reprocessing or reversal of transactions or the seizure or freezing of funds, nor will we be liable for any actual or consequential damages arising from any claim of delay or seizure.

We will not be liable for any actual or consequential damages arising from any claim of delay or loss as a result of invalid, incomplete or erroneous financial or personal data provided by the User with their transfer request.

As part of our licensing agreement and in compliance with anti-money laundering legislation, Users need to be aware they may be required to produce personal documentation (such as Government issued ID, bank statements and utility bills) upon request in order for their transfer to be processed. This allows us to help protect the Users and prevents our platform from being used as a vehicle for money laundering or fraud.

Any cancelled or rejected transfers out of your account will be refunded to your account in the currency and amount debited from your account balance with your original request before currency conversion took place.

Any returned transfers in will be debited from your account in the currency and amount credited to your account balance with your original request after currency conversion took place.

We are not a bureau de change (currency exchange). We are not responsible for any loss due to changes in exchange rate.

Our exchange rates are updated throughout each day and it is the User's responsibility to check the applicable rates in our cashier before proceeding with transactions involving an exchange of currency. For deposits and withdrawals in most currencies, we will add a margin to the mid-market exchange rate provided by XE (please see http://www.xe.com/legal/dfs.php).

If the transfer method is not an instant method, the exchange rate will be applied when we are provided a confirmation of the transfer by our payment processor.