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Backgammon is a mind sport and like any other sport requires the utmost professional approach and sportsmanship.

Cheating is NOT acceptable behaviour. We analyse each finished game and then work with the data we have acquired. Our huge protection system is working 24/7 and any suspicion means the freezing of your account. If the suspicion is confirmed, the money from the account is forfeited to GammonSpace Ltd. as a penalty and the account is frozen (for the first time and last time) for 3 months. After this, you have only one more chance – THE LAST CHANCE - and if the player violates the rules again, they will no longer be allowed to play NOT ONLY at GammonSpace, but also at all GammonSpace partners.

What we consider to be cheating: intentionally incorrectly filled data during registration and later, 2 and more accounts, using external devices or software, bots, unsporting behaviour, collaborating with anybody, unfair play etc. 

Please keep in mind that in case of cheating we will file a complaint in the country from which the player comes. 

Please see detailed description of prohibited uses in Terms and Conditions.